Miss Julie, ballet, for chorus and orchestra, 1970, 90'

20 singers (5xSATB) 

Miss Julie is a result of a collaboration between the composer and the British choreographer Kenneth MacMillan. In 1968 MacMillan staged at Deutsche Oper in Berlin a production entitled Cain and Abel, featuring music from Panufnik’s Sinfonia Sacra and Tragic Overture. The production was a success and soon Kenneth MacMillan asked Panufnik to write music for his new ballet production, which was to be an interpretation of August Strindberg’s Miss Jullie. This is how Andrzej Panufnik came to write the only work for the ballet in his catalogue – Miss Julie. The music of Miss Julie is partly autonomous, though to a large extent it uses some of the composer’s previous works – NocturneRhapsodyAutumn Music and Polonia. The premiere of the production took place in 1970 in Stuttgart. 

It is worth noting that Andrzej Panufnik’s music was subsequently used in ballet productions on many occasions; however, the composer never again wrote a separate work for the purpose.