Errata do biografii - Andrzej Panufnik [Erratum to the biography - Andrzej Panufnik], dir. Grzegorz Braun, prod. Film Open Group for Telewizja Polska, Channel 1, 2008, 30 min 
Tata zza żelaznej kurtyny [My Father, The Iron Curtain and Me], dir. Krzysztof Rzączyński, prod. TVP Kultura, 2009, 52 min

The film charts the record producer and graphic artist Jem Panufnik's attempts to discover more about his father's life in Poland and dramatic escape to Britain in 1954.

My Father, The Iron Curtain and Me - see the photos from the film

Andrzej Panufnik z Londynu i z Warszawy [Andrzej Panufnik from London and Warsaw], dir. Andrzej Papuziński, prod. Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych (Łódź) 1990, 32'

A documentary made to coincide with the 1990 Warsaw Autumn Festival, the main protagonist of which was Andrzej Panufnik. The place and status of the composer in contemporary music, his inspirations, links to Poland are discussed by British and Polish critics, musicologists and composers. 

Powrót Andrzeja Panufnika [The return of Andrzej Panufnik], dir. Andrzej Papuziński, prod. Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych i Programów Edukacyjnych, 1996, 28' 

The film presents the composer from two perspectives. In part one we see him in his home in Twickenham with his family, also playing with his daughter. He is also shown during rehearsals at the Norwich Festival. In part two we see Panufnik in Poland, conducting a performance of his own piece during the Warsaw Autumn Festival in 1990.